Why I took up their offer- Your gift from Skype: Free calls to friends and family


I’ve signed up.
Reason for successful conversion:
  • No lost, can always cancel after free trial, AND after the 1st month of paid subscription.
  • I’ve used them long enough to know that I like them.
  • It’s Christmas season, lots of phone calls to make.

So, for Skype, step one of objective, to get people to pre-sign up and try = successful. Next, for step 2, to get those who trial for one month, find it useful enough to stay on and subscribe monthly = Calculate cost per lead vs actual subscriptions.

Skype can’t be a completely free model. To their credit, I’ve purchase my first credit with them. And I never regret the purchase. Apart from the free Skype to Skype calls, this really is useful. I have no worries of calling, sms, overseas, punching in stupid pins from pre-paid IDD cards. Thumbs up Skype!

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