This was the question from my Advent devotion.

I immediately heard the words ‘return to Me’. (Though I questioned myself, are you talking to yourself?)
But I wondered, I have not gone away from you, my Lord, or have I?
Perhaps He was referring to my devotions and quiet time with Him, recently not going really deep in understanding His words. I do it with my heart but I think my Father is nudging me that I need to STUDY His words with more zeal.

Things happened very fast after that!
I saw an FB post that our church’s Inductive Bible Study class is full while I was still in the stage of deciding and going closer to a ‘no’ for this season! Citing busyness with work as one of the reason.

I also saw the pictures of the classes and I went, oh, I really do miss the time when I was doing IBS.

Before I know it, I managed to squeezed me and my daughter in for the coming season!

So. This is what He meant when He said to me, ‘return to Me.’

When the dots connect. Awesome.

Whoah. 😱

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