The day I stop goofing around with calligraphy. Thanks to this article I read, it says: ‘There is no such thing as ‘easy calligraphy’, at least to begin with. Easy calligraphy is like easy bicycle-riding or easy ballroom dancing. It is really easy, after you’ve learned how. Pen angle, letter proportions, pressure variations… can look rather overwhelming when all you want is to have fun making beautiful pages. To succeed in a physical activity requires that you practice certain movements until they become instinctive… More practice, more correction… It gets easier. One day, you won’t have to think anymore. You’ll just do it.’ I thank you, Katharine Scarfe Beckett of for changing my mindset about the drudgery of practicing calligraphy. To people reading this post, if you are like me, new to calligraphy, this is the article to read.

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