Don’t allow our smartphone to own us

The curse of the mobile—goes the title of the email I received from my friend.

Me being in the world of communications, with the need to be in the social media realm and staying connected, knows all too well the risk of being ‘addicted’ to that smartphone in my hand.

And here’s my response to that email.

Let me attempt to generalise…
It’s increasingly complex to live in today’s world.
Distractions are hitting us every minute.
Slowing down seems like something we do when we are on holiday (even then).

Devices and media own us.

Intention to read the bible on Youversion ended up with us answering Whatsapp.
And there’s nothing we can do to stop the growth of media, technology, devices, productivity tools.

In this mad world, all the more we have to live an intentional life.

Intentionally go to Jesus.

Intentionally tear our phone from our palm, put it aside and focus on whoever and whatever that’s in front of us.

Intentionally put our phone on DO NOT DISTURB and ask for wisdom to know when to use this mighty feature.

Intentionally use media, gadgets, tech for GOOD.

Intentionally CONTRIBUTE, not merely CONSUME.

Intentionally be the CHANGE, not the COMPLAINER.

In this mad world, all the more we have to consciously center back on God throughout the day.
In this mad world, all the more we need Jesus.

Because in this mad world where things just don’t make sense, He is the One who brings stability back into our inner being.


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