What are you going to do with what you already got?

Sermon message from Sidney Mohede:

We are a very comfortable generation. We are a generation who thinks we are entitled to things. We feel that we have the right to get what we want. People feel that they are entitled because of their power and position, and the higher the power and position, the more entitled they think they deserve. It is all about ‘Me, me, me!’

The question is not about what I can get. Jesus wants us to have power and authority.

The real question is, “What are you going to do with what you already got? What are you going to do with the influence, the fame, the authority and the wealth that you have? How are you going to leverage your power and position for the world?”

Strength is for service, not for status.

Jesus knew He had all the power in the world. Even though He knew He could save himself from getting tortured and killed, He turned himself into the lowliest of the servants to wash the dirt and filth of the disciples’ feet.  This is a powerful revelation that changed Sidney Mohede’s life. He realised that God wanted him to be influential for a purpose. It is okay to be great. God wants you to be successful and prosperous. However, God wants you to leverage that power and influence for something greater than yourself. God wants you to use that power to serve others.

Sidney Mohede Slalu Bersamaku

This song is on my playlist non-stop.
Amazingly beautiful song. You can feel the pain of the experience yet the assurance and comfort of God at the same time.

It was indeed aptly written when he was going through a difficult season in his life.

As I’m too, going through now.

Only the Lord can comfort the deepest pain in our heart.