Tango with Him

I am not a dead-knot ribbon. I can be un-knotted.

Let me loose, let me go.

Let me breathe, let me flow.

Let me leap, let me soar.

Let me go where I’ve never been before.

Eeps! I say.

Do You mean I have to go far away?

No, no, if I may.

Pretty please, let me stay.

Trust Me, you say?

Just let me soar where I am inside, I say.

Not needing a flight ticket to fly away.

Pretty please, let me stay.

Pretty please, let me stay.

Let me move far far away

Let me move far far away
Away from these pool of bitterness
Away from these injustices
Away from these hurts
Away from these pain

Let me move far far away
Where I can be free
Where I am me

This place does not exist
It’s not real
It’s not on earth
It’s a dream

It exists only when God becomes bigger than me
It exists only when love is bigger than the hurts

But at this point, I’m just down on my knees with hurts and bitter-talk slashing my heart. Anger turned inward.

Let me move far far away from these.

Pain pain, go away

It’s Chinese New Year,
A first without mom,
Didn’t know that it’ll be that weird,
To celebrate and laugh while my heart still hurts.

I’ve been thinking of her,
Her roaring laughter still ringing in my ears,
I can see her pottering in the kitchen,
Dishing out my favorite dishes that she knows I love.
These I have no more,
And it’s the heartache that’s left to endure.
Oh how we boast about our future,
When nothing on earth is secure.

I keep my eyes on Jesus,
When all is too much to bear,
Lay my weary head on Him,
To Him I try to cast my cares.

I know mom is in heaven,
A place she can call home for eternity,
No more awful earthly suffering,
For this I’m thankful for His mercy.

But to this I am but a human,
Of flesh and blood I’m made,
And till I return to dust and back to Him,
I guess this hurts and pain will never really fade away?

My first poem

Never thought I’m a person who would write a poem, but there you go. Inspired by the love of God.

As I lay on my bed
I think of days passed by
And I thank you Lord
For Your guidance on how to live my life

Grace, kindness, love
And joy in my heart
This You impart

Shrewd as a serpent
Innocent as a dove
What a concept!
That only can come from the heavens above!

Allow me to be your humble servant
Show me the way
To use your gifts to me
And serve others in Your glorious ways.

I thank you Father
For it could only be You
Who can change my heart
And let me live my life anew.