At times, I feel that my work consumes too much of me; energy and mind space. Even when I’m off-work, I’ll be thinking about how church communications can be use to reach people better and stuff like that. 

That I have little left for anything else and reserving the little left for my own family, discipling my teen, spiritual walk, health and ministering to people. 

I do give a d*mn. I just can’t allocate the mind space. Please help me, God.

One of the up moments in my ministry life. Doing bible study and soaking in His words because of the need to write the church’s 2015 theme based on the verse Isaiah 54:2

I wanna focus on contents & writing… yet I don’t want to give up the big picture, strategic planning part of my role. And then. There’s the whole chunks of execution that I need to do. Till I find people on my team.


Tq Lord for reminding me how incredibly blessed I am to be serving in my church.

When I need help, when I need spiritual guidance, when I need someone to talk to re work from a biblical perspective –
Instead of having to arrange for an appointment with a pastor, a friend… (Which are all very good in it’s own sense)…
I can:
Walk over to anyone, any pastors, any friends at work… and tell them I’m stuck, I’m tired, seek their advice and tell them I need prayer.
… And always come out amazed with God.

I pray that I too one day will have the spiritual maturity to give to others what they had given to me.

Lightbulb moment: On hindsight, perhaps this ministry is exactly what I need. Serving in the church with so many other people and I’m not the boss… Really stretches me to learn how to work with different people who doesn’t have to listen to me because well, I’m not the boss.

I don’t think I’ve grown as much in the last 2 years compared to the 7 months that I’m in the ministry.

Thank God for that!

In our ministry work, are we driven by the need for approval, guilt, assertion, credit… Or are we driven by the light, by delighting our Lord?