365 days calligraphy challenge: abide

365 days calligraphy challenge: abide

Inspired by my friend—a gifted designer. How his laser-sharp focus is on God and giving honour to Him with his designs, yet humble enough to know the threat of being prideful of his achievements… and relied on God to stay away from that trap. #Day12 #365 #calligraphy #dailyword #inspiration #art

365 days calligraphy challenge: nature

365 days calligraphy challenge: nature


Got dragged helplessly into the sea AND onto to shore by rough waves today; it came suddenly. Bruised my leg.
It reminded me that nature will take its own course. No matter how ‘strong’ or ‘smart’ I am, I can’t fight against it.
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365 days calligraphy challenge: I’m not ok

365 days of calligraphy diary


Had a rough week at work and for the first time in my ministry, I had this thought: ‘You know what, do what you want, I can’t be bothered anymore.’

As I stood amidst the Sunday church crowd looking at different people walking past, I wondered, beneath the smiles and nicely-groomed hairstyles, how many people are like me today, just not together?

Oh I know what I need to do: Come to terms, understand, forgive, pray, etc. And I’m also grateful that I have a millimetre grounding in Christ to be aware of the devil’s attack to people in full-time ministry.

But just for now, I really don’t want to be sensible nor mature.

So, excuse me while I come apart in order that I may come together again stronger; strengthen by Him.