Scribe By Night Calligraphy 2015-01-31

Greetings friends, followers, and loved ones. It is once again the beginning of the month and as such it is now time for my monthly report. 

I’ve started collecting submissions. I’ve made a #Featured posts tag page, I am including all featured posts in the Calligraphy Widget, and the featured posts will be chosen only from submissions. I have started actively inviting people that I am hoping will make submissions. I need a little more cooperation to get this up to speed, and cooperation is slow to arrive but I know we are going to get there any time now.

Of course collecting new submissions is part of the plan to collect new followers, just like collecting new followers is part of the plan to collect new Patreon patrons, and collecting new Patreon patrons is part of the plan to stop being poor. You do know that my total income is about $90 per month right now, right? Which is why I now have several Patrons that I now have the privilege and honor of thanking for their economic and moral support during this time.

The top Patrons for this project this month are:

  1. pbcwrites
  2. kravblaga
  3. thecross-stitchedgeek
  4. william-michaelis
  5. unhappy-single
  6. memyselfiamweird
  7. pattymarq
  8. theloverlygeek
  9. whimsicalspecks
  10. beantcalligraphy
  11. neptune818

Please help thank my Patrons for making this project possible. All current and previous patrons are also acknowledged on my welcome page. Please go to if you would also like to donate and support this project.

A short list of ways to help me be more successful: Follow me on tumblr twitter and facebook, donate with patreon, learn to calligraphy so you can make awesome calligraphy submissions, tell new people about the awesome things I do. I also have a Calligraphy Widget thing, I need them on as many blogs as possible including yours. Or just ask, I always need help with something.

Sorry I forgot someone. I think I fixed it now, it’s difficult to keep track of people, I have to cross reference blogs, profiles, and emails all at the same time.

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