Ways-to-eat-more-greens Asian pasta.

COOK angel hair spaghetti while sautéing mushrooms.

LINE plate with raw romaine lettuce or any lettuce.

TOSS angel hair spaghetti with mixture of dark soya sauce+light soya sauce+sautéed garlic in grape seed oil.

TOP with raw chopped capsicum, sautéed mushrooms in garlic, chilli flakes, bit of sugar, pepper, salt.


What do you get?
SPEEDY- Healthy home cooking under 10 minutes.

LOW-COST- Under USD0.50 per plate I believe.

1) Boil the water in a kettle separately while you prepare the ingredients, save time in waiting for the water to boil on the stove.
2) Buy dried chopped garlic or garlic powder to save time on chopping garlic.
3) Angel hair pasta cooks in 2 mins so the faster you can have your meal.
4) Sauté whatever you need while the pasta is being cooked.

Yums again.

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