Beauty of Psalms and wisdom of Proverbs

This passion project is purely my creative outlet to worship the Lord; in this manner; for this season. But if my work speaks to you—then I believe God has.

Beauty of Psalms & wisdom of Proverbs.

“I just wanna read the Bible today”, my soul said softly to me.
I put aside the Bible study which I was having trouble getting into it today.
“Fine”, I said to my soul.
“What should we read today?”

And I was led to this book that felt right—the book of Psalms.
I chose a 31 days Psalms and Proverbs plan on Youversion.
Dipped my toes into day one of thirty.

I took deep breaths as the multitude of colours and His Words swirl up to meet me.
I knew then this is the book for my season.


My God and I
Seven things God hates
Let the Heavens open

Featured image by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash