Passion project

This is my studio, canvas, space.
But it’s an open space.
Feel free to walk in and linger.

Welcome to my digital studio.

I started this project because I—need—to. In fact, I didn’t know the term, “Passion project” existed until I want to find a term to describe this itch I have to scratch.

And found this description on HuffPost: a passion project is a trendy name for doing something that excites and inspires you. You do it for your own satisfaction, not for anybody else’s. It piques your curiosity and spurs your energy. It doesn’t need a purpose.

I started it because I need a creative outlet to do something just for me.
And contrary to my temperament of needing a point and purpose to things, this doesn’t need a purpose. It doesn’t need to earn me money or get me an audience.

Here’s my first passion project: Beauty of Psalms and wisdom of Proverbs








Featured image by Photo by Adam Whitlock on Unsplash