My top daily moments 27.1.2014:
1) Managed to have coffee at my fav cafe before I leave the island. Totally unplanned! We were the first customers! Came out with coffee taste lingering in my mouth and smile on my face.
2) Another unplanned – old school breakfast. Banana leaf-wrapped nasi lemak, fresh & hot. I can have 2 of these. No wait, I can have 3. 😛
3) Bluetooth my music and Spotify all the way on the highway.

Tq Lord for reminding me how incredibly blessed I am to be serving in my church.

When I need help, when I need spiritual guidance, when I need someone to talk to re work from a biblical perspective –
Instead of having to arrange for an appointment with a pastor, a friend… (Which are all very good in it’s own sense)…
I can:
Walk over to anyone, any pastors, any friends at work… and tell them I’m stuck, I’m tired, seek their advice and tell them I need prayer.
… And always come out amazed with God.

I pray that I too one day will have the spiritual maturity to give to others what they had given to me.

Lack of time
Lack of resources
Lack of space
Lack of peace
Lack of affirmations

God, In Jesus name, I break, bound and loosen the spirit of lack in my life!

In You, I lack nothing!

Through You, I can do anything because You give me strength.

In Your name, I declare victory over the spirit of doubt & lack!

I give thanks to You, Jesus!

My top daily moments-
1) Attended Inductive Bible Study via Google Hangout for the first time!
2) Breeziest environment to do my Inductive Bible Study homework on Colossians. Can’t say that for that level of effort to do the homework though.
3) After dinner dessert- mind boggling choices of fillings for Chinese pancakes whipped out by these tattooed couple. Sweet couple that worked so in sync, fast yet steady and calm. Thumbs up!