This blog is about finding joy in the simplest, everyday things in life—my ongoing learning of—living life the “carpe diem” way.

My version of carpe diem is about having faith and hope that is secured in God:
choosing to live life by facing the present
knowing our days are numbered
treasuring moments and relationships
seizing the day and living every day on purpose.

I’ll share my experiences, thoughts, and ideas on living carpe diem-ly. (making up words is one of them.)

And at the heart of it, I write about God—a lot. Knowing God and finding hope through Him, our Maker and Creator. It is inspirational—not of the cupcakes and everything nice kind, but being able to thrive in the face of storm kind.


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I’m Melinda. I’m a former free-thinker, now a believer of God. Always a work-in-progress as we all are. So don’t believe those dang ads telling you that you’ve arrived. The only place you’ve arrived is in their showroom and their bank account.

Why am I writing this blog?

To encourage you and me to live life the “carpe diem” way.
For the sheer joy of letting my thoughts flow, my fingers dancing on the keyboard, and making music with words.
It’s a creative outlet.
A documentary of life with its madness and mundaneness.
And if my writing resonates with you, then let’s dance. Or something like that.

How often do I post?

I typically post something new on Sundays, and maybe one more in the week.

For the rest of the (sometimes crazier, weirder) stuff which I neither can contain in my brain nor this blog, you’ll find them on my Instagram: Carpediemology.  
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