(2/4) “While they were searching the basement, some shooting began on the streets outside, and the soldiers grew very nervous. I tried to make friendly conversation. I wasn’t worried because there was nothing in our house to find. But they grew very cold. They said: ‘We can’t trust you.’ They grabbed me and led me to a van. I told them: ‘I’m an old man. I’m not a threat.’ But they didn’t listen. On our way to the prison, they kept stopping on the street and collecting more people. They blindfolded me when we arrived and they beat me very badly. Then they put me with seventy other people in a room smaller than this one. It was very cold because it was December, and I was barefoot because I’d lost my slippers. There was nothing but a hole in the ground for a toilet. We all had to face the wall. Anyone who looked toward the door would be shot. We stayed there for ten days. I barely slept or ate. There was no room to even sit down. Occasionally a guard would throw bread through the window for people to grab. I thought I’d eventually be executed. But on the eleventh day, they called my name, and released me out into the cold to find my way home.”

(Amman, Jordan)

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