How do you talk to teenagers?

I was invited by our Youth Pastor to a NextGen Teens gathering.As I was standing (behind), I looked at all the young faces… pimply, all free of wrinkles, no need for anti-aging products (yet!)… Wait, that’s not the point.

As I was standing quietly behind the rousing activities, I looked at the teens… and it surprises me as I think to myself- I have not much idea of what do I talk to these teens about.

There and then, I sort of freezes in my thought. OMG. I freaked out a bit not only because I realized I don’t know how, but how far away I am in my phase of life from my much younger self.

I have no idea of how I can confidently communicate with them. What do I say? What do I ask? How do I engage them? How do I not talk down, how do I not talk above, but talk eye to eye with them? How do I understand their world?

As I sat here typing this, I have zero idea because it never crosses my mind to put in the effort to be in their world.

How do us ‘adults’ (Though there are still some of us that behave worse than a kid… but wait, that’s not the point)…
How do us adults that are supposedly to be discipling the younger ones, be someone that they can look to (If not, up to), be the person that they can go to talk… when we don’t understand what is going on in their world?

And to the parents, have we been so busy being a father or mother that we are blinded from the fact that our kids are no longer the 6 year old that so easily runs to our open arms anymore?

Some adults said, I guess we need to know what the ‘in’ thing is; we need to know their ‘lingo’ in order for us to communicate with them.
To me, that is really not it.
C’mon, can you imagine your 75 year old father rocking it, trying hard to be cool, and saying the hip things to fit into your world?

UGH. That will be your respond right?

I don’t think that’s it.

What’s it, then? Let’s discuss. Perhaps I will have something to write about this next.

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