Day 4. Hanoi.
Haven’t quite gotten in the zone yet with Hanoi. Her chaos, noise, fumes from bikes, squatting cafes(!) had me trying hard to find the beauty in her.

It’s running into the risk of a mundane holiday where we seek for places to eat, seek for coffee places where there are chairs and not squatting benches… seeking… for things, places, food, people, to fulfil us.
And no matter what we’ve encountered so far, we never seem to be satisfied, like we’ve never tasted what we are looking for.

What are we looking for in this holiday?
A fresh perspective?
Each other?
Recharging of the mind?
Long period of time with God?
Writing? (me)

P.s: Met the loveliest people here who served whole-heartedly by being gracious and helpful to us when we were looking for a hotel to stay. Dong and his colleagues from Oriental Central Hotel, Tao, a trainee in Calypso Legend, her colleague and her manager. From the Calypso hotel group.

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