Rest in peace

I’m staring out of my hotel room window. The sound of kids laughing and playing in the swimming pool is audible even from 22 floors above. A contrast to my sadden heart as I just learnt of a friend who has suddenly passed away and gone home to the Lord.

20 days writing prompt series. Day ten: Let the scene write itself

I wonder how it would be like if I have more time to write.

Would I write daily?
Would I be happier?
What would I write about?
Would I be a copywriter?
Would I be a happy copywriter?
Would I make a living being a writer?
Would I write and travel?
Would I use my writing to honour God?
Would I use my writing to honour people?
Would I ever get to write more in this life?

20 days writing prompt series. Day nine: Writing and not writing

A letter to my fleeting mind when I’m supposed to write.

Dear you,
You are supposed to write a blog post for your Every Day Inspiration writing challenge. Instead, you are searching for yet another new WordPress template for this blog, drinking coffee, eating peanuts, reading articles, and doing a whole lot of musing. Anything but writing a deserving post for today’s writing prompt of ‘write a post in letter format’.


Yours truly,

20 days writing prompt series. Day eight: Reinvent the letter format

10 items in my ideal setting to write

10 items in my ideal setting to write

Like a pianist with a regular ritual in practising his/her skill, here are the ten rituals items in my ideal setting to write.


  1. Quiet.
  2. Alone.
  3. With my laptop.
  4. Uncluttered table.
  5. Facing the window.
  6. A hot latte or tea on my left, partnered with a one-litre beer mug turned filtered water mug.
  7. Usually, no music when I’m writing…unless it’s a light piece of article like what I’m writing now.
  8. And music to go with the mood of the moment when I’m editing.
  9. Floppy fringe pinned up.
  10. Excessive fiddling with my thumbs while deep in thoughts.

20 days writing prompts. Day Six: The Space to Write

I need your suggestions:

Hi, readers, I’m on Day Six of this writing prompts exercise. And the peeps at WordPress Blogging University is asking me to ask you—what would you want me to write about?

Please drop me your suggestions in the Contact Me form below, and I’ll select one from the suggestion list to write for my Day 15. Thank you. 

Take time to ask questions

Ask ourselves questions

The good questions often surface when we slow down internally and take the time to reflect.


What are we chasing after?


What should I eat for dinner?

What’s the meaning of life?

What happens after we die?


Where will we go after we die?

What the heck is going on here?

Where should I travel next?


Where is God?

What should I wear today?

20 days writing prompt series. Day four: A story in a single image.

15 things I’ve learned from going through the pain of my family upheaval.

Thanks to the WordPress 20 days writing prompts aka Everyday Inspiration, I’m finally writing about what I’ve learned from going through six months (and counting) of loss and pain.

Here are 15 things I’ve learned from going through pain:

  1. Pain is the mother of necessity in growth as a person.
  2. That really, I can’t control outcomes. I have zero arse control over many things…ok, everything.
  3. I’m not god.
  4. That crazy notion of ‘joy amidst suffering’—it’s real and possible.
  5. I hurt people, and I seriously need to say sorry.
  6. The years of repetitive hurts caused by others has hardened my heart.
  7. Depression is real, and it sucks big time.
  8. I have a choice to give my hand to God and let Him lift me up from my dungeon.

    Wrestling with God

    And not be like this. Puny me resisting the Big Guy’s help. Doodle credit: Chan Wai.

  9. My years of anger issue is a blinking symptom of something seriously wrong going inside of me.
  10. What happened even when we were a toddler, stays in the memory, even if we are not aware of it. And it can trigger hot buttons. I learned that from Elijah House.
  11. God’s word is true and not to be messed with.
  12. The liberation of letting go, and then through prayer, letting God work— the feeling is unbelievably comforting.
  13. Not to negate or rationalise away emotions.
  14. Emotion is the language of our heart, telling us what’s happening inside.
  15. God can heal the deepest hurts.

Bonus: Making a list is such fun. Try it!

Share your list with me?

20 days writing prompt series. Day two: Write a list

Why do I write?

Why do I write?

I write because it’s the song to my soul.

When I write, I feel every cell in me comes alive. I write—because that’s one of the greatest ways for me to hear myself.

And then I write because of you. The you who resonates not only with the content of my writing but the heart of it. The you who may pause and ponder in mid-sentence through the blog post. The you who just may need that bit of soul-lifting for the day. The you who may say, “someone gets me.”

Most importantly, I write because of Him. I write because He has given me the gift of writing.

I used to shy away from acknowledging this gift. But I’ve been correctly pointed out that—all good gifts come from God—and we are to be grateful. Not only that, we are to use it for good. So I write to give the glory back to God—for He gives me the joy of doing so.

Soli Deo gloria


20 days writing prompt series. Day one: I write because…