Believe: During the sermon by Pr. Neil, my tears streamed down uncontrollably when for a moment I struggled again with ‘I know without a doubt Jesus heals, but my mom was not healed!’ Suddenly the word, ‘BELIEVE’ appeared in my mind. And a gentle question, ‘Will you still believe Me?’
My answer: I will. I will. I will.

Praise: God spoke to me again through Pr @russell.evan. Even if I can’t understand it all, I’ll still praise Him.

Love Jesus to the moon and back, and to the moon again and back.
Tq @planetshakers for cray, cray, cray worship-with-all-my-heart and even cray-er messages from God.
Tq for giving us your all. #psawakening #malaysia #day24 #365 #dailywords #calligraphy

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