An email to a spammer (act of kindness, this?)

Hi Mr. D,

I clicked on this email after hesitation because I wanted to unsubscribe from it.

Though I somewhat appreciate (Not really) that you included me in your mailing list, I do not appreciate it for a few reasons:

1. It was unsolicited.
2. I did not opt-in.
3. I’m not sure if I know you.
4. Where did you get my email address?
5. This is SPAM.

  1. It does NOT have an unsubscribe link which really irks me.

I took the effort to write to you instead of:
1. Clicking your email as SPAM.
2. Selecting it as promotion so that it will never appear on my primary inbox again.

Though you may get some response from your mail blast, the amount of business you generated I am not sure if it’s worth the reputation damage to your company.

There’s better ways to market your product/service than spamming, I’m sure.

Not everyone will take the time to share their feedback with you. So, this email was written in good faith in hope that you understand and see how the end receiver feels when receiving such email.
Thank you & all the best.
P.s: Please do consider using a proper email marketing software for your edm effort.

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