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I’m Melinda. I’m a wife, step-mom, former startup entrepreneur, and now, church worker.  I stumbled, partied and drank (not an alcoholic) through my earlier years in life; pursuing happiness, money, significance—never satiated. Self-sufficient, self-reliant, driven, egoistic. Yes, yes, I do have friends, I’m not that terrible, please.

As life would have it, life got hard, like hell kinda hard. It got to the point where I have all the fight sucked out of me, and I knew I couldn’t do life on my own anymore. So, I searched, I questioned about life (loads of them)…and I found God.

I learnt that there is a God. By me denying His existence does not change the fact that there is a God.
A God who is the Creator of the universe.
A God who loves me for who I am, unconditionally. Someone who I don’t need to strive to be loved. Someone who has forgiven my past and present wrongs.
A God who is alive and I can have an on-going relationship with. Someone who hears me, and I can hear when I quiet down in my heart. Someone who I can totally depend on.
A God of miracles and healings!

So, I pursue God. To love Him.

This blog is about my journey towards being more like Him—His love, His kindness, His grace. It is about the joy, struggles and lessons I have learnt.

It is written to give my contemplative thoughts a home. And then I write because of you. The you who resonates not only with the content of my writing but the heart of it. The you who may say, “someone gets me.” A struggle shared is a heart encouraged. And I’m glad you are here.

Feel free to leave a comment. Happy reading.

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