A slow life- a state of mind?

As I looked out Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s window, seeing the people around me buzzing around. The lady in pink dress strutting pass me with her take-away coffee, the gentlemen in suits, ditto… I just thought to myself. Look up.
Look up and see the world around you, Look up and talk to people. Look up, see, feel, meet, heal.

And I wonder. Do I have to change how I work to be able to do that? Or… do.I.have.to.change.my.work?

Been recently dreaming of doing something that doesn’t require my 9-5s. Something that I can do half a day-ish, doesn’t matter which half. And leave me space to live a slower pace. Yet. Being able to reach out more to people, to do things… and not entirely living just for myself, coz those days are gone.

Is it wishful, childish thinking? I mean, look at my pastors. Aren’t they busy as heck? But I see some of them still allocating time to minister to people one-one, isn’t that something awesome?

But I don’t want to live such a packed life, sleeping late as my daily pattern, just because I need to get more things done, even if it’s for a good cause.

My question is: Is living a slower life a state of mind or do I personally need that, time to be free, time to give, time to be me.

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