Had a tiff with daughter. Was hurt to see she wrote her bio mom’s name instead of mine in an exercise that asked her to write 3 person she knows. And I expressed it.she cried.

Wrote me a note on the mirror which evaporated.

I said to God- I thought I said dont test me anymore??

I was angry, wounded, at a kid. Started to draw, withdrawing myself.

After I finished, a thought suddenly came to me. This could looks like Alanis when she grows up.
Then another thought- I would like to give her this drawing.

And before my logical brain managed to take over, I pluck up the courage to knock her room door, not knowing whether I will be rejected or get a lukewarm reception. and I gave her the drawing with the message- when my girl grows up…

She hugged me so tightly, and she was very touched. She said she really love me. And she showed me a note.

Both of us said sorry to each other for the hurt we caused. And we are now better.
The drawing is now featured on her wall, secured with loads of blue tac, and she told her dad, I will treasure this forever.

Tq God, I supposed u hv something to do with this? Amen

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