“We met in church as teenagers. We were best friends at first. We’d complete each other’s sentences. We got married two weeks after she graduated from UCLA, and we never stopped moving after that. We had our first child while we were in law school. Then we both had to pass the bar. After that we had to find jobs, and we had a second kid. At some point we just got into survival mode. It didn’t feel like we were growing a relationship anymore. It just felt like we were picking up the pieces of decisions we had made. We kept telling ourselves that things would get better once life settled down. We’d say: ‘Let’s just get through law school. Or let’s just get through finals. Or let’s just get through this move.” We never communicated things that were bothering us. After thirteen years, we finally decided that the time was now. We wanted to finally be what we thought we were going to be while we were dating. Counseling was hard. There was a lot of unspoken anger and resentment to unpack. But we’re so glad we went because things are better now. And we feel like we’re growing again.”

Never give up.