Marriage is hard – a reading plan

I love this “Marriage is hard” 4-day reading plan for its straightforward delivery style!

Here are the excerpt and the four daily topics:
1. Marriage is hard: We’re prideful
Apologizing is hard work. Apologizing and changing your behaviors is even harder, and what makes it so hard is pride…
When your spouse has an issue with something you’ve said or done, listen twice and think three times before you say anything. It may just be that the best thing you can say is, “I’m sorry.”

2. Marriage is hard: We’re selfish

3. Marriage is hard: We’re different

4. Marriage is hard: We’re stubborn

Check out a sample of the plan.

A Sunday work-day lunch at home: Homemade pesto, grilled mushrooms and vegetables and cheese ciabatta sandwich. Recipe: Bakery bought ciabatta | Grill the mushrooms and vegetables | Spread the pesto on the bread | Layer the grilled mushrooms and vegetables; cheese, on the bread | Lightly grill to warm it up and melt the cheese slightly. | Chow down.

The perks of sitting beside the office window

The sweetest thing ever this morning- As I looked out from my office window to the usual drive-by of the parents, sending their kids to the kindergarten, my eyes locked with this little girl; she then raises her hand and wave gently to me, while her eyes are still looking at me. I smiled from the inside out. Then, I heard a loud wailing. Saw a little boy refusing to go to school by throwing a tantrum to his father. I bet his father will have a lot of stories to tell this boy when he grows up. God’s creation is beautiful.

My story: How I went from totally disinterested to totally in love with God.

My story: How I went from totally disinterested to totally in love with God.

I was never interested in faith of any kind.

Egoistic and self-reliant, I was an everything-is-possible-if-I-put-my-mind-to-it kind of gal. Paid top dollars to attend seminars by renowned speakers; walked on fire (burnt my toe), read many famous self-help books.

Christianity? Definitely not on my list. I thought it’s weird, prudish, weak, rude and definitely geeky and boring. Christmas to me, was party, drink, presents, merry-making, heck-yeah.

This is my story of why I’ve changed, decided to accept Jesus, (remained a non-geek), and how He had changed my life.
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