Should I have expectations for my Europe trip?

At day 17, I’m asking the question – what do I want out of this 33 days in Europe? I wonder if it’s right to ask or will that be capping my experience? 

What will God fill these pages with? 
What will God fill these pages with? 

However, if knowing thyself, I can go with the flow and come-what-may for awhile, but I’ll feel uneasy if I’m aimless. 

On further thought, I need to differentiate between:

Planning vs rigidity 

<h3>Having an aim vs expectations&nbsp;</h3><p> 

So here goes, what do I want out of my Europe trip (or what’s left of it): 

To be able to digest and express my day(s), be it through Instagramming, Tumblr, and/or longer posts in Squarespace blog.

At least a few calligraphy notes against a scenery post.

To share God with at least one person.

What I want to keep on doing:

To maintain my figure by eating more veg, fruits than simple carbs, meat and dairy.

To plank daily.

To do bicep and tricep exercise daily.

Not a very sexy list, I know. 

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