What’s up with cafes that draws people in to fork out ridiculous amount of money for coffee, tea.
Is it the lighting? Music? Sofa? Smell? The buzz from the chatter all around?
…The coffee?

*writing this at Coffee Bean while drinking a regular hot vanilla with soy milk. And pondering is it possible to replicate this experience at home?

Jack MacDonald

Jack MacDonald

Jeff Ansorge

Jeff Ansorge

A year later, to still ask, ‘why’- Why was my mom not healed… is just plain silly and utterly pointless. I know that.

I know she is in heaven, an eternity with God. But yet the human part of me falls.

So, what’s your 2014 theme?

Next year, our church theme is Renewal.
I suddenly realised that as an individual, do we ever pray, think about and set a yearly theme for ourselves?

If not, how do we frame how God wants us to move forward in our lives?

What do we base our goals & plans on then?

Lightbulb moment: On hindsight, perhaps this ministry is exactly what I need. Serving in the church with so many other people and I’m not the boss… Really stretches me to learn how to work with different people who doesn’t have to listen to me because well, I’m not the boss.

I don’t think I’ve grown as much in the last 2 years compared to the 7 months that I’m in the ministry.

Thank God for that!

In our ministry work, are we driven by the need for approval, guilt, assertion, credit… Or are we driven by the light, by delighting our Lord?