Where do you draw the line in how fast you response to a message?

Got home after a long day at work, barely put down my bag and my Whatsapp buzzes at 10:15pm re work.
Increasingly I realised, with technology comes great responsibility… And a whole lot of interference if mismanaged.

I thought – I could be having a bonding time with my daughter now. I could be catching up with my husband after a long day. I could be spending quiet time reading God’s words. Or I could be winding down with a book.

Do I reply the message re work that could possibly wait till tomorrow?

Or am I obligated to reply?

If I reply, I would have to put down whatever I am doing and attend to the message.

Does loving what you do means letting it interrupt other areas of your life?

How then, do you strike a balance?

If you choose to draw lines, will others understand or they think you are obliged to attend to them promptly?

Will they think lesser of you – performance, commitment, teamwork?

Think about it. With the availability, connectivity, accessibility… are we modern folks expected to respond to messages & email almost immediately?

Thing is, it’s not only other’s expectations but OURS who think that we NEED to type a quick reply NOW.

Where then is the space where we pace ourselves when our thoughts & work are constantly being interrupted?

Or are we acclimatise to multi-tasking so much that our brain is able to handle the stop-go dance?

Where indeed is that line that’s as hazy as the sky now.

Pray tell, how then should we pray?

Did my first Bible Study Fellowship daily bible study exercises on Genesis 16-17.
Reflecting on the Word, I learned that God’s timing can’t be understood, but His promise never change.
My question is:

How long do we sit around and pray, doing nothing?

Immediately after asking that question, I also realized it’s wrong. PRAYING – is doing something if not the most important thing of all.

So, since prayer is so important, how shoud we pray then? What should we pray about?

And since God knows our heart, is it of any importance that our prayers to be accurate & correct for it to be ‘effective’?

Why are some people ‘prayer warriors’and why some shy away when asked to pray for people?

Am I going to be impatient, pray hard and mid-way through take a peek through one eye to see if anything is happening, y-e-t?

Praying – is it a learnable skill?

I’m going to find out my answers in Randy Clark’s School of Healing and Impartation this Thursday, and Prayer Conference with Pr. Julius Suubi in August! Prayerfully.


A seemingly tiny action causes an impact on others.
A fellow cg (Cell group) member shared this song with us to encourage some of us who are going through some rough patches in our life.

I was inspired by it and shared it with our church DUMC Facebook page.

After that, a thought stirred in my heart to share it via email to my fellow colleagues.

Little did I know, some hearts were touched, and one of the encouraging response I received is this :

This is so refreshing – not just the song but more so we remember each as colleagues that we are family. To pause and consider one another and encourage each other with an appropriate song that turns our thoughts and attention to the Lover of our souls who offers us hope, encouragement, inspiration and most of all, His great love and abounding grace.

May the Lord bless you for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

From wanting to encourage & inspire others, I am in return, blessed ten-folds.

A tiny step of action to love, produces ripples of joy in others.

I’m glad I don’t have to be a ‘super Christian’ to do this. Amen.

Here’s the song that stirs my heart, especially this verse.

What if my greatest disappointments or the aching of this life
Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy