Al-fresco breakfast moment

Decided to have a quick al-fresco breakfast at the poolside, to enjoy some outdoor air & sun. Midway through looking down my phone scanning for news on Flipboard, I stopped. Instead, I looked up and enjoy the tranquil environment around me. I noticed the nicely manicured garden, the shimmering pool and take a deep breathe. Thank God for some sense to enjoy the present moment.

Cable car, mummy, GE13 voting

Saw this while flipping through a mag. Remembered mummy took the cable car ride alone when we were holidaying in Langkawi (She knows I’m chicken to take the ride).

I got started to think of her.

I wish I can share my moments with her post voting for GE13, but I can’t.

So, in my head I talked to her :”Mummy, I’ve voted today, for the first time. I cared.”

And I imagine her proud contented smile, her hands stroking my hair.