Christmas Eve reflection

As I was tucking in a simple dinner with my husband and daughter on Christmas Eve, I realized that this is the first year I’m celebrating Christmas as a Christian.

I reflected and shared with them, now I know what the Christmas songs mean! And it has so much meaning now when I sing it.


Christmas to me over the years meant new gorgeous dresses, dinners and partay!
Well, there’s nothing wrong with that except now my heart is in the right place, Home. 🙂

As I continued my dinner, this thought came to me: This is the biggest achievement for me in 2011. And I’m truly happy for that.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone.

Why I took up their offer- Your gift from Skype: Free calls to friends and family


I’ve signed up.
Reason for successful conversion:
  • No lost, can always cancel after free trial, AND after the 1st month of paid subscription.
  • I’ve used them long enough to know that I like them.
  • It’s Christmas season, lots of phone calls to make.

So, for Skype, step one of objective, to get people to pre-sign up and try = successful. Next, for step 2, to get those who trial for one month, find it useful enough to stay on and subscribe monthly = Calculate cost per lead vs actual subscriptions.

Skype can’t be a completely free model. To their credit, I’ve purchase my first credit with them. And I never regret the purchase. Apart from the free Skype to Skype calls, this really is useful. I have no worries of calling, sms, overseas, punching in stupid pins from pre-paid IDD cards. Thumbs up Skype!