Loads to do list!

Crime scene:Snapshot of half my *master to do list.
(Thank you, errand to-do list : Get this from apps store http://itunes.apple.com/my/app/errands-to-do-list/id318095638?mt=8)


At this point of time, I really wonder when will I get to tick them all off. Major OMG moment.

*You know how when you are doing something and some tasks came to mind? Just jot them down in a master list and sort it according to priorities later. That way it won’t bug your focus and you won’t forget to do it too.

Why Steve Jobs pulled my heartstrings

It’s not merely about the iPhone. Of course how Steve Jobs & Apple made iPhone work, rocks my world.

Everything Steve Jobs do, it’s not merely adding a feature, it’s about changing how people use technology. It’s about changing how people live…in a way.
It sure does to mine.

My work productivity shoots up, I’m more organized, I’m more entertained, I’m connected (if I want to), during crisis- it made it so easy to group people together…etc…
Well, perhaps other devices, other companies can do it…but Steve Jobs & Apple does it BEST.

It’s the first to change my world, and it has changed my world. And I will always remember that among those good copycats followers.

Steve Jobs is crazy. And I love him for that. Crazy people dares to change the world. Crazy entrepreneurs that go beyond merely delivering a good product/service, fueled by a vision to bring a change…are one of those. Are you?