Happiness In a Box

After browsing a few pages in the bookstore, and I knew I gotta buy this book. I bought this few months back, with a special 25% voucher. And I swear this is my #1 book ever, another is Eat, Pray, Love back in 2008 but that’s another story.
In a start up business myself, I thought Delivering Happiness is gonna be a ‘How’to’ business book coupled with the CEO’s bio that I can learn from. (Hey, from zero to being married to Amazon for sum of a billion & more is awesome, yes.) But what I’ve got is a much needed boost in feeling alive- inside, and the crazy urge to wanna spread the happiness around. Of course, it had delivered the how-tos brilliantly and I am placing it as the #1 priority in my business- How does my company puts a smile on my customers AND their customers faces. And if we are not there yet 100% of the time, you’ll bet I am making sure everything is driven to meet that goal.

Today, out of nowhere, I received this box.

And it totally blows my mind away. Here I am far away from the land of USA, and Tony & his team actually actually took the effort to send this happiness box to me too, amongst others. All I did was at the spur of the moment, wrote to them and ‘applied’ to be their VHP- Very Happy Person, not even knowing does it exist here.

Why do you want to be a Delivering Happiness VHP?

The world needs to be a happier place. When I read Tony’s findings that beneath it all- whatever we are pursuing all leads to happiness, I was quite dumbfounded. That’s it! I am the queen of melancholy, but within me, a burning desire to be happy. Attended seminars, and has seen improvement when I did the mental shift. (Yes, love Tony Robbins)

Why do I want to be a VHP? I want to be (learn) a bigger person than myself. I want to be ‘the change I want to see in this world’. Perhaps many generations after, big lofty idea of (world) peace could one day be materialized.

Watched the Delivering Happiness Bus Tour DVD, and even though Bus Bus Baby is a ha-ha funny video, I had to stop my tears from flowing down. Was completely overwhelmed by the sheer passion of this movement (and man, the craziness!). All I could think off is, if Tony ever leaves the world (excuse me Tony, sorry sorry sorry), he leaves such a happy man as he has live his life to the fullest and has left such meaningful footprint to so many people.

And this is it, isn’t it? Meaning, value, connection. It’s about taking the effort to pick up the phone and call your friend, it’s about turning the goddamn TV off and talk to your family. Talk, not chatter. It’s about really giving a damn about your customers, (you don’t have to know their mothers), but hey man, you gotta at least be appreciative of the business that they are giving you, and SHOW that appreciation by giving greater service, keeping in touch with them, spreading some random kindness and happiness to them now & then.

Thank you Tony, thank you the fabulous team of Delivering Happiness, your (future) kids will/is super proud of you. You guys & gals had inspired the heck out of me. Love ya!