Hail the Apple magic!

Dear God,
I have a confession.

Mr Steve Job (bless him) must have cast a spell somehow. I’m addicted to my iphone4, I’m addicted to my iphone4!. Yes I am! I’m addicted to my iphone4! (If you are familiar with Jerry Maguire, you will know this scene)

I’ve never been so organized, everything is sync-ed, almost everything is in the apps store! I can literally work quickly from anywhere without my netbook. I am Facebooking, Skyping, PingChatting, photo taking, photo uploading, ring tone creating, apps (free) downloading, surfing, oh ya, checking & replying emails, working in the loo, in the car, syncing calendars, taking notes, downloading more free apps, and yes, of course the customary games playing. And yes, I have TomCat too!

Thank you God for bringing Steve Jobs, Apple, Iphone to my working, personal & entertainment life! Amen.