The line between work & play

Woke up thinking of what to have for breakfast (DUH! As always!)
Decided that I want some sunshine to go with my chow. Made a weird but very right decision to go Old Town (gasp!) to have perfect soft-boiled egg that I don’t have to scald my fingers to crack open, and artery clogging bread with chunks of butter.

PERFECT CHOICE!  My work & play-ground for the morning. 🙂


As I sat here, the hours of burning midnight oil and goddamn insomnia left me, and I can’t help but grin like a silly idiot feeling very happy indeed to be doing this. This as in my business, not eating soft-boiled egg though that is a very happy thing too!

When you have the freedom & liberty (er, are they the same?) to work in environment (be it in an office or out) that frees rather than choke, with self discipline of course, I supposed you’ll be much happier. And when you are much happier, you tend to be more productive.

I trust my team though we work remotely. Heck, even if I see their Facebook games updates during working hours, I know that during crazy deadlines, they had voluntarily clocked in more hours than I requested for. And that’s what matters- commitment & drive to be in the same boat on this journey.

Happy Friday everyone!


Review of the ‘Review of Eat, Pray, Love (the movie)

Dear editor,
This is the 1st time I’m writing in. Although I am a fan of Weekender, I never took the effort to write in & comment on the contents & articles. But thumbs up for them! Thank you for being my nice quiet Saturday morning read.

This morning when I saw the headline of this movie review, Eat, Patronize, Leave; I told myself, I knew it, as I have not much faith on movies based on books. In most cases, the movies does injustice to the book. For how can one possiblyexpress everything from a 444 pages book into a movie.

As I continued to read the review, I felt my blood starting to boil.

Now, here’s a ‘film critic’ who had crossed the line from sticking to her job, to trying to be a critic of other people’s life. (or book)

In the review, she had made biased comments on Elizabeth Gilbert’s life. Painted a completely wrong picture of the whole thing.

Best-selling chick lit? Which with rare exceptions (Bridget Jones’ Diary) are always horrendous.

This is a non-fiction book based on Liz Gilbert’s story.

...she dumps everything (except money, because what is an adventure without loads of cash?)

She lost her possessions to her ex-husband.

Goes on a ROMP?! in 3 totally exotic (wince here)…

She was suffering from severe depression for years. On the verge of suicide. So sue her if she finally pick herself up, and have the courage to search for herself & heal. And sue her for being lucky to finally got some money back in the form of an advance from her publisher.

I’ve read the book from cover to cover, several times since 2008 way before all the hoo-ha of this book when overboard. Without watching the movie, I can have a safe bet that the storyline of this movie is probably off tangent. Sigh.

I have yet to watch the movie, and even before so I don’t have any high hopes for it. Especially when I saw the preview, and see how skinny (still) is Julia Roberts in India & Bali. That was after her carb- eating spree in Italy. In the book & actual life, she put on weight. In the movie, instead of sacrificing her looks and putting on weight to play the role correctly, she stays reed thin. Warning # 1.

In the preview, I saw many colorful scenes where Julia Roberts is seen gallivanting away, almost like any happy holiday maker. Warning # 2. I wonder if the director actually steered the storyline in the right direction. In parts of the book, there were many dark moments where Elizabeth Gilbert was suffering, her mental struggles, and her weird conversation with God.

But really, despite the movie, what the film critic painted of who Elizabeth Gilbert is- selfish; is totally off & uncalled for. I could sense a strong feel of cynicism, jealousy, envy & self-denial turning this review into a heady cocktail of toxic spewing criticism.

Question, did the ‘film critic’ actually read the book throughly?

Question, judging from how the review was written, it seemed to be more of biased critic on Julia Roberts’ work, and the direction of this movie. But why condemn the book? Is it part of a ‘movie’ review?

Last question to ponder, has the world gone so cynical & cold that heaven forbid any one to dare step up and admit their internal struggles? And gosh, try to heal the wounds and find peace & happiness? You can’t love yourself, that is so selfish! Oh no, you want to find peace in you & happiness? And WHAT? You can afford to ‘romp’ in 3 totally exotic countries to do that?? Why, you selfish b*itch. How could you just think of yourself, you egoist vocal warm-up: me me me ME me me!

In this world we are living, in doing that risks facing a furious backlash of being labelled ‘self-indulgent’, ‘silly’, ‘selfish’. Sorry Elizabeth Gilbert, for baring your soul & letting it be ripped apart.

(Oh, sorry for the movie (and the reviews) too).