Lessons- Core competency

27th September 2010 Sunday 21.48pm
I don’t even know for sure what’s our core competency is. Gotta find out, gotta think. Been trying to do too much with severely insufficient resources and didn’t focus on sharpening & perfecting an area before we move on to the next.

Learnt hard but valuable lesson last week, again, it was a wake-up call. Or rather someone shaking my shoulder so violently that it causes mental clot to dislodge and I can see where the company could potentially head to- disaster.

I thank you for the lesson, though it was shitty-ly painful and gastric inducing, but I thank you, you obnoxious, emotional, weird developer geek. Thank you for bringing my attention to this.

Why it’s important to have fun in business

For me, I think, above all, if it’s no longer fun being in the business, then nothing else matters. Not money.
I became an entrepreneur eventually in my ripe old age of the 30s. And little did I know, the glove fits so darn well. I guess I throughly enjoyed it because I love creating, and being able to have things on my term (Hah!). I love being able to extend my belief & personality to the brand, and to the culture rather than say, playing to a culture of company that I don’t like, just to play along and keep my job.

I love the feeling of excitement, and the sparkle in my eye when I talked about aspects of my business, when I have meetings with my team, talking about how we can serve our customers better, how else can we meet their needs.

I love it when people say they love us.

I love being able to wear jeans to a meeting if I want to, oh how I love not having to act ‘corporat-y’! I love dreaming up crazy ideas and getting all excited about them, and seeing them being executed.

I guess above all, if you are happy, and having fun in your business, it will make a lot of things easier. Like when your 3rd party developer decided to abandon your project after you paid him; and that is like 3 weeks before your slated launch date; ┬álike when your ex-copywriter is actually a persistent liar coining up excuses of not meeting deadlines, like when companies you seek partnership with ignores you…If you are passionate about the business, you will bounce back fast, and work on finding the solutions.

Yes really, if you are no longer having fun in your business, I suppose, what’s the point?