Day 3 Utrect- Groggy & clueless

After a late nite out celebrating my bday, woke up groggy & super lazy, not the best feelings. Just wanna laze around, and vegetate, but don’t think it will help much. Will it make it worse?
That’s why I’m sitting in the balcony writing this (in? on? My grammar is beyond hope).

Sometimes too much technology and I dunno which to choose. Upload photos in Picasa and post on Fb, edit, share…? Blogs r also becoming something not of a habit nowadays.

I think, yes, Fb has made all of us much lazier person. Y blog when u can post status under a minute? Hm.

Well, here’s a picture of my breakfast anyway, for no related reason. Haha, that explain the lame state my brain is in now. Hm

……..Y no picture? Coz WordPress decided to go wonky on me again, damn it.