3 sms & a funeral

June 15th- My biological dad passed away early this morning. I’m going back to Penang this afternoon…kinda blur in my head now.

That was my sms to 3 friends whom immediately came to my mind- Jen in Holland; Min in Kl and Kumar in Penang. (and forever with Coconect in my blood, the precious sms also goes to my team)

Now I’m back in Kl. It was certainly a heavy trip to say the very least. But with huge meanings.

I re-learnt the meaning of family, love, forgiveness, friendship, support, sacrifice…and that my late father also listens to The Carpenters like I do.

I’m very glad that everyone got together, after so many years. I’m happy to see my Ah Kong, Ah Ma, aunts, cousins & mummy sitting together…didn’t know my family is so big! For all my life, I’m the only ‘Yeoh’.

June 16th After an overseas call from dear Jen:

Appreciate your call. I’m ok. Kinda weird coz things r surreal, not logical, suddenly all families bk 2gether. So sudden. He is well loved by all his siblings. My aunts r loving ppl. We look alike!I’m glad we had the chance2 meet last mth when we knew abt the illness. I hug him4 de 1st time, didn’t know its the last.

That’s life. You won’t know when it will be the last chance. So for what’s its worth, I’m doing all I can to be a better person, and let go. Let go of so many bondages that’s weighing me down in other areas of my life. The ‘should’, the ‘must’, the quest to be right…It ain’t gonna be easy, for Miss Control Freak to make like a jello and go with the flow, but I’m going to do what I can.

June 17th Have u ever attended funeral with alchohol? I just had. 1st & last cheers of beer with my father. Finally started2 break me. But I held on. I hope 2mrw is not tough.

Now, I know where I got my beer genes from. (Sure, blame it on a dead person). What nearly breaks me that night was the realization that we never sat down to clink our beer mugs together, and I’m doing it on the eve of his cremation.

I wept silent tears as my head was bowed going through the prayers, drops after drops after drops.

Although kinda confused, there was a sense of peace though sadness when I sat through the prayers for him, lead the procession, and watched as his coffin was wheeled into the cremation area and the metal door slides down. I knew this was his worldly body, and his soul had left, set free.

He’s in a better place, no more sufferings. And though we didn’t have the chance to spend time together in this world, we have an eternity in heaven.

Happy Father’s Day to my late Father- Robert Yeoh.

Recommended read: Buyology- Truth & Lies About Why We Buy

OK, so I’ve come to a realization. My mental state is not super sunny today. Can’t even focus on the treadmill, so went and punch+kick the lights out of the sandbag in the gym. Not in the mood to work on any plans, any strats, any…anything. Thank God it’s a Saturday, and it’s the perfect excuse to rot the brain. Lol

Big thanks to Suet for proactively lending me this book. Thought it will be very interesting- neuromarketing. Then, of course I did the Google thing, and google it up. Lo & behold- do we have someone very, very interesting here!

Martin Lindstorm & his book

Here’s excerpts from his press release to whet your marketing appetite:

For decades, advertisers, marketers, and consumers alike have held a set of common assumptions about what drives us to buy. Turns out, most of these were dead wrong. His startling results will shatter much of what we have long believed.

Does sex sell? What do religion and ritual have in common with successful advertising? Can subliminal advertising really influence our behavior? What effect, if any do health warnings on cigarette packs have on the consumer? We now know the answers thanks to a major scientific study whose surprising findings are revealed in BUYOLOGY: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy…

To find out how our unconscious minds influence how we buy, Martin Lindstrom, one of today’s foremost marketing experts, partnered with researchers from Oxford University and launched the single largest neuro-marketing study ever conducted – 25 times larger than any such study to date. In a three-year effort costing more than seven million dollars and using two of the most advanced, cutting-edge neuro-imaging technologies available today, the fMRI and SST scientists scanned the brains of over 2,000 people from all over the world as they were exposed to various marketing and advertising strategies including product placements, subliminal messaging, iconic brand logos, health and safety warnings, and provocative product packaging.

Now, excuse me while I go and prop up my feet & devour the book cover to cover. Have a great weekend folks, and happy kick off to World Cup 2010!

Personalization- It’s always more fun when it’s about you!

Reason why I love personalization- It’s all about you!

Not bordering on selfish reasons like the world revolves around you & only you, no no no. But making your space…yours.

Making communication relate-able…to you.

And hence when companies starts to take notice & the effort to know You- as an individual, not a number; that’s when the fun starts! Ain’t it more fun to receive a personalized card with your name printed on it wishing you Happy Birthday, ain’t it sweeter to receive a mailer where the contents are targeted to your likings? Ain’t it nice to be understood?

Me? I love it! Oh yes, in case you didn’t know, check out this super cool new feature on Google custom image for Google home page.

BUT- if you are like the ‘opposition party’, and find it annoying, here’s how you can make them go away- poof!

Here’s mine 😀

Business doesn’t have to be boring 🙂
Since I don’t wear heels in real life…

‘Farmville’ – the real deal

Suddenly my eyes teared up (right spelling?) when I read this article, 1st from The Star. Then, obviously I get all googley and search them out.
The joy of back to basics!

Yes, I admit- the city life had taken something away from me, and I do from time to time yearned for a much simpler life with less ugly human beings. (Mel-the-jaded- talking)

But for now, for a start! Order their farmed-with-love produce, at least I can have my chicken & eat it now! Been abstaining from chicken as much as possible as felt very icky putting hormoned crap in my body. (Beer is still good though, ahahahaha).

No, you may not order an organic dog! :P

Hmm…I thank God for the opportunity I have in Coconect, for it’s a business that I am developing in line with my dreams that I can operate a business I love from almost anywhere when it’s up & running. Hurray for internet! I love my work, man, I love it!