Joke of the day = No Joke!

Still searching for a tech solution to our backend.

Spent a few good hours compiling data to be sent for printing- it’s No Joke.

And I’m very detailed (ya ya, anal- I have to admit), so I will help my customers to make sure everything is in tip top order, which is another No Joke area, tedious like hell. My left arm all the way up to my eyes are kinda numb now, I wonder if I will have a stroke soon?

Got a bit cheesed off by team today, some adjustment gotta be done. It’s a delicate balance being assertive, motivating yet not be too harsh- it’s No Joke.

Few hours in the morning gone as I had to compile my docs to be submitted to the bank to get car loan for my new ‘downgraded’ car.

Glad to be having my independence back in 2 weeks time. Msia + no car of your own? = No Joke!

Took a end of day break (before the 2nd half of the day begins at 6pm) by collapsing on the kitchen floor, Tim Tam at hand, listening to my old skool radio player which can only play radio and nothing else.

A certain iconic M & a cup of refillable coffee, yay!

Thoughts running thru my mind during a solo (very nice) Sunday brekkie at Mcd.

  • My almost new Samsung netbook is damn slow.
  • Attitude, above everything determines whether a person is gonna be successful or not, not education- ‘Inspired’ by the chap behind the counter serving us, paying consumers.
  • One have to be extra patient dealing with service staffs and anything that requires customer service in Msia- Msia boleh!
  • There’s no need to give 6 serviettes when I’m only one customer.
  • They don’t call me determine for nothing- This morning upon rising, I have a vision of me satisfying my craving for Mcd Premium Roast Coffee (yes, you Starbucks snobs out there)- on the upper level (no chilly air-con) of Bangsar outlet (pray there’s very little smokers). And damn it! This vision gotta be realized! And it is.
  • Just in case my mood swings- I brought along my netbook, Richard Branson book, how I love thee, and to be extra safe, Sunday Star. A very prepared person (can sometimes read as a paranoid bore)

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s 10 more minutes to the free refill ends, I better go, mwuah hahahaha.

Nine- A movie review three days late

After a 3D movies too many, still bewildered after Alice-not-so-Wonderland, I experienced whats it’s like once again to watch a brilliant movie, not relying on heavy CG to boost ratings-all human, flesh, blood (not literally), emotions, yummy dance moves, sexy costumes, passion with capital P!
Watched Nine tonight- a movie filled with some of the most luscious women in Hollywood, good script that shows the f@cked up yet devilishly delicious side of evil. Makes me wanna sneer the word F@ck, thru pursed lips, clenched teeth and massive dosage of passion. –

Post updated with Tiger pint(s), one of my fav after movie treat. And yes, my dear Penang kaki Kumar-I did skyped this afternoon that beer will wait til next week. But as my husband beside me whom commented-next week came early, eh? Very much so, darling, very much so.

Thanks to our brilliant broadband, I tried to post this using hubby’s E61 on the very night during our post-movie drinkies, but couldn’t do so. So, here you go, a movie review of a great (musical) movie way overshadowed by the madness of the Mad Hatter. Sigh…

Sunday uplifting reads

I love Sundays and the go-with-the-flow easiness of it. Waking up early with the 1st thought- Hmmm…what to eat for breakfast-ar always makes me pop right of bed!
I love Sundays coz it promises many hours of reading- from Sunday Star for the travel articles (the only time we bought newspaper are Sat & Sun) to my greedily bought books from BookXcess lying on my table.

Hubby bought The Edge, and as usual I flipped through scanning headlines for interesting read. This week’s Edge covers 3 short & sweet articles- one on my fav bus company¬†Aeroline’s-CEO (I think it’s not deserving to even call them a bus company, haha!), another of a yet-to-meet Facebook friend- CEO of Exabytes.

As a fellow (albeit, newbie) entrepreneur, it’s uplifting to read success stories and journey’s of other companies’s founder & CEO. It sometimes makes me feel less alone. (:P)

Few key words derived from the various articles on what it takes to be an entrepreneur- Persistence, passion, ambition. I scanned the list- check, check, check! And if I may add my own- hunger. The hunger for the sense of achievement (that $ can’t buy*), thirst & curiosity to learn, to unlearn, the hunger that will fuel you thru downtimes, that gets you up in the morning so god-damn eager to get to work.

These are some of the things that keeps my heart pumping, and eyes sparkling. What a lovely day to spend a Sunday, looking forward to yet another fun ride next week!

To those who are celebrating, have a lovely Easter!

*But money is a good thing too, lol