Banking on your future?

Man: “Would you marry me?”
Woman (in typical Msian radio squeaky voice, sort of like she inhaled all the helium from a blimp) : “But you’ve got RM5000 outstanding on your credit card balance, how can you afford it?”

Man (enthusiastically): “No problem, EAC bank now have –Just use your card as if the $ is already there, and when you realized you can’t pay us back, no worries, you could just sell your car, your house…even your wife plan!

I can’t believe my ears when I heard this just now. And I can’t believe people fall for this. Shame on the so-called financial institution(s), shame on the agency who came out with this ‘creative’ concept, shame on the sorry-state of our financial education, or lack off.

Nobody heard of saving towards something nowadays, nor having a planned investment that will gradually reap the return- which one can use towards purchases such as these.

Flabbergasted, it’s the word.

This CRM software provider SUCKS!

or rather, the CEO sucks!
How long does it takes to give a demo account user id & password to your potential customer?- who went all the way to your Company for a 2 hour discussion, obviously very keen on getting your software/working together. And who revealed that there is a potential regional project that we will be going into, and we want to identify one software partner in a week for this particular project. Doesn’t that spells- Business potential? Sincerity? Urgency? So how long does it takes for an on demand CRM software provider to give me the demo account?

3 working days.

After 2 sms (with no reply), 2 calls and 2 promises by the CEO that the account will be set up by Monday, it’s not. Followed up with a call, another promise- Tuesday morning. It’s still not.

My 1st sms was sent straight at 3pm after the meeting with him on a Fri-

‘Hi (name), it was great meeting you. Could you pls arrange for the demo account today instead of Monday, so that we could go over it over the weekend?’

No reply.

2nd sms send on Saturday morning (I think they work 5.5 days week?)-

Same sms. But with a request for a person to contact, an email address perhaps?

No reply.

Monday (the day the original promise to set up the account)- I called, no reply. I texted-

‘Hi (name), can you please arrange for our demo account today? My partner is based in Holland and we work in different time zone. We will lose 2 days if we can’t get it today.’

Few hours later, he returned call. No apologies for not meeting his promise. At this point of time, I’m still very patient. He promised, we’ll do it for you on Tuesday morning.

So, ok. My ‘plea’ that we lost 2 days has not only fallen on deaf ears, but I was given no explanation except that they are very busy.

Tuesday morning has passed, it was 3pm, no sign of account, no calls to me, no text, nothing.

It is extremely interesting to note that, on the same day (Monday), someone I know (and he’s not even a potential customer) got his real account set up under 1 day. And this is what IRKED me the most.

Questions formed in my head-

Is there anything I overlooked? Am I talking to the right person? (Well, this IS the person the Group Managing Director referred me to talk to) Maybe there’s some protocols, some reservations about working with us, obstacles to customize the system for us? Maybe he’s not keen to work with us?…What is happening?

Desperate to reach a CONNECTION after failing to get my message through and the slow responses-Plus the deadline for submitting our pitch proposal  is soon to be up, I texted this at 4.39pm-

‘Hi, pls sms yr email add. I’ve few questions re yr system adaptability for our regional project. I still hvnt got demo account.(name) got his set up<1 day.Would appreciate if i can understand any obstacles/reservations dats hindering the start of our partnership, if at all. Look fw2 hearing fm u soon.Tx’

An hour later, I received the id & password…and a call from Mr.CEO himself.

Immediately I said, Hi (name) got it, thank you! (with much relieve).

This is where this episode gets VERY interesting.

Instead of mending fences for the broken promises, he gave me a piece of his mind. He lectured that he’s not sure of my sms intention and it was not friendly. Anything, I could have call him. (Really? After my attempts to connect since last Fri??)

Then, he HANG UP on me.

Before I even get to open my mouth to explain.

A CEO of a company, someone I know personally, hang up on a customer. Wow.

It took me 5 minutes to regain my composure, but I took the initiative to call him back. Firstly, I intended to apologize for the tone of the sms. (Yeah, nowadays customers are the one apologizing to companies who think there’s only one CRM software in this planet). But still, for relationship sake, I certainly want to talk it through, and conclude the episode nicely. And certainly, getting a call hang up on you it’s not one of the way to conclude, no?

Apparently to Mr. CEO, it’s a yes.

He didn’t pick up my call. He didn’t reply my last sms- ‘Appreciate yr return call so we can talk. Tx’

It’s exactly one week now.

And I hereby conclude that the award for the worst CEO & customer service (and a very very very bad friend), not to mention Male Chauvinist Pig (Ok, I’m going overboard, but I think there’s an element of truth here) goes to : Mr. I should so be fired!

I’m so sorry for the Group MD of the company. So sorry.

By the way, it doesn’t take 3 whole days to set up a demo account, this Company got it done for us even before we ask for it. The attitude and the service is fantastic. Thank you SoftSolvers, and a personal thank you to Deep.

Mellie Melancholic Mood- Untied

Bored shitless. Not to be confused with nothing-to-do-ness, on the contrary, loads of work to do.
But just feeling kinda bored these few days. The routine, the blah-ness, the chores, the responsibilities, the planning, the should and should not, the strings, my gosh, the strings.

I missed the days of spontaneity, the major throw-your-head-back laughter, the silliness of all.

And I’m not talking about work per-se.

Mellie Melancholic Moods-Back to basic

“I’d kill to have a security device at home so I can know what my maid is doing at home with my kids.”- a friend said.
And I thought, what a sad world we are living in nowadays.

I yearn to have kids roam free, running from one neighbors house to another, their pet dog running with them.

Neighbors who actually knows each other’s name (at least I got that base covered at home)

Blue skies, not grey smog.

People actually have the brain & consideration not to double park and let you wait for 20 mins, without even an apology. Bangsar- check, Taman Desa- check, Damansara- check…actually the whole of Klang Valley, Penang, etc- check.

Fresh, natural food  is not a luxury, look at all the ‘organic’ shops around, look at the price tags.

Junk food manufacturer (and I’m not only talking about potato chips, but even ‘nutritious’ drinks fortified with WTF for smarter kids) admits that they are producing crap. Hey! I’m all for eating processed potato chips if I want to. Just don’t sugar coat things.

Emails, missed calls, sms are replied. Where’s the courtesy?

If it’s a no entry/one way on that road or in your condo car park, please- can you look up dictionary the meaning of One way/NO entry?

Days when people have the principle not to take short cuts that endanger, inconvenient others- just so they have their own little convenience.

People talk, as in talk, face to face, flesh to flesh (er, i think that’s another thing all together :P) to each other.

A Twitter, sms or two is fine. But don’t Twitter, sms non stop when you are catching up with friends or anyone for that matter. What?! Their company is not enough for you?

Religions that unite, not divide.

Reality shows that’s beautiful, not perverted, ugly, shallow.

….the freedom to enjoy a beer or two, and the luxury of having just short of a handful of like minded friends to enjoy it with.

Emotion tussles of Cry baby/Mf sh*t/Impossible is Nothing!

Completely broke down & cried.
Our Version 1 was almost completed, just final touches to improve the user interface. Dunno why, now it’s screwed up.

Had an online disagreement with business partner over her complaints of my ‘never-ending’ list on the completion of Version 1, that was already a great start to my Saturday working day.

Now, staring at the site, with all the carts f*cked up; when last night, I was beaming & excited and eagerly awaiting it to be completed.
Even got a customer who’s waiting to go online and order his one year cards from us tonight.

At this point, I dunno whether to continue pushing on to work on my today’s priority- Plan & action steps for next phase. (Great, since the site is f up, we are back to phase 1)
Or shall I continue to get beaten down and cry.

Cross between feeling like a victim/cry/curse/angry/fight/standing firm.