It’s a soul thing- 1

Your soul will provide you with many opportunities to fall into your heart. And when you do, you will feel more elevated.

The more you fall into your heart the more you rise above the non-important material considerations of day to day life and the more you fulfill your fundamental reason for…

being here.

  • Neale Donald Walsch

Vanity hide & seek

While flipping through a fashion mag just now, a thought crossed my mind.
Hmm…maybe it’s time I start getting facials. To many, this will draw a huh? What do ya mean? You never got one done before?

Well, yes. And I’m kinda weirdly proud that this face is still kept relatively well (ahem!) without a salon facial which I’ve been┬áreligiously keeping myself away from. Oh hell ya, I’m damn scared of these establishments pushing packages & god damn it expensive products to you.

But I think the recent reunion of my secondary school with the gals revealed that I may be probably the last female species who hasn’t let a ‘beautician’ touch her face. A facial virgin, you might say.

And erm, I kinda feel, is there anything I’m missing?

Hell, maybe it’s the not so funny laugh lines that I’ve noticed getting deeper, and the forehead frown lines (courtesy of Coconect) which got me frowning more…

But I definitely think that vanity is catching up with my age…or is it the other way around?…