Back from my 1st holiday ever in 2009, woohooo! Phuket, Kantary Bay, I love ya!
Worked for 2 days, then Hari Raya holidays, sheesh. Not that I don’t wanna work, but loads of kids around to entertain (myself included, LOL!)

Today, forced myself to wake up at a decent hour, gosh, and resume routine.

Only routine was heavily interrupted by mundane household chores, SHITES!

So, as of now, I am not in the best gung-ho mood, rather panicky. Man, this Coconect Version 1 Beta gotta get moving fast.

Back to work!

Oh man, another motivational seminar?

I was blessed with a complimentary ticket to Anthony Robbins, and I turned it down. Gave it to my hubby who was jumping up & down with joy. I mean, c’mon, this is Anthony Robbins, the man with 30 over years experience in meddling with people’s brain, and successfully done so!  (lol)
Was caught up with getting my website off the ground that I figure out I just couldn’t spare the time. Plus I thought I was already ok, and the need for a seminar is not urgent.

Well, true & false.

True- I am ok (Sheesh, after attending series & series of seminars this 2 years & mingling with like minded people, I better be)

False- There’s always time, and there’s always room for improvement. So, end of the day, instead of one, I was blessed with two tickets! Thus, a decision was made in a split second for both of us to go.

Hmm…so how should I share this? Truth is, it can’t be shared, it has to be experienced. A live concert is different from listening to Ipod, eh.

But, here’s bits & pieces of it…

The program is not about changing yourself, but rather about becoming yourself. I was once again transformed to a better version of myself.

This time round, I worked on conquering the 2 prisons that had trapped me-

1. My anger (phwoar!) Those who’s close to me will know (or got torched)

2. My health & energy

Stuff that just drained my energy, depriving me of living life to the fullest, working on my business, well, basically, crap.

Tony Robbins technique focused on rewiring the programming we had, the self limiting beliefs, and replacing it with new ones. Ya, a bit hocus pocus you might say? Well, he has worked with 1000 over suicidal case, and have not failed one. People with 15 years of smoking addiction quit within minutes…

Ahh!! I’ll spare the boring details, coz really, it has got to be experienced.

All in all, I had a blast! I haven’t heard so many F words in a seminar, a word that is close to my heart, lol.

I did the Firewalk after all. Yes, yes, walk on hot burning coals. Though I know it’s just a metaphor for a break thru, which I told myself I don’t really need it. But, they said, do it for a great bar story anyway. Well, that GOT me. And I DID IT! YES!!…and got blisters to show off now. Ahahahaha…

On Sunday night, we partied with water pistols & thumping music, I danced like mad (suspense eh, what the f*ck has this gotta do with a seminar?). And I couldn’t remember the last time I got so high sans alcohol. Now, I understand what’s a natural high, couldn’t stop laughing.

There were tears, there were heartaches, there were tears of joy, there were peace like I’ve never experienced before, there were new friendship born, and there are lifelong lessons that I will continue to apply & learn from this 4 days event.

So, if this is what a ‘motivational’ seminar is about, count me in. Count me in anytime.

“There is always room in your life for thinking bigger, pushing limits and imagining the impossible.” Tony Robbins