I dislike multi-tasking, especially on a Sunday!

This is insane.

In between working on my site since 10.30am, (Yes, it’s a 7 days working-week this 2 weeks) waiting for it to take more than 10 minutes to load PER minute changes…I had:

  • Updated my blog TWICE
  • Approve comments & replied
  • Prepared lunch
  • Had lunch
  • Facebooked
  • Sykped
  • Drank coffee
  • Did my budgeting
  • Written my Will!!

I hereby grant myself the power to choose to STOP this insanity here and now. And give a call to my hairdresser or manicurist, focus on a single taskpampering myself, totally.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Life lessons from the movie Up!

What a wonderful movie! Ok, I won’t spill much beans on this movie for those who haven’t seen it, I’ll leave it for you to enjoy!

But here’s bits of it:

It revolves around this: My Adventure Book, it’s a scrapbook of a little girl that follows her till her adulthood, old age till she passes away…One of the things that resonate with me from this was, she had a page titled : Stuff that I’m going to do. And following were empty pages which she intended to fill up with her big adventures & dreams. But life turns out differently, as how life always likes to do.

What a brilliant reminder to go after Stuff I’m Going to Do…(and will do!), and YET remember to treasure all the LITTLE TREASURES along the way. Coz sometimes don’t we have grand plans, and we impatiently wait for it to materialize…sometimes forgetting that treasures are aplenty, here and now?

I remember these words from Tenzin Kacho (formerly Emi Kiyosaki, yes, she is Robert Kiyosaki’s sis). She is now a Tibetan nun, involves in hospice work where she talks to people facing death.  Through it, she realizes the common regrets of dying people:

3 of man’s biggest regrets in life:

  1. Regret that they didn’t lead their life (Mel’s understanding: Take the leap of faith to go after what I really wanted & believe in)
  2. Regret that they didn’t forgive or love someone. (Mel’s understanding: Give, and don’t expect a return)
  3. Regret that they didn’t speak out. (Mel’s understanding: Express yourself, be it love or forgiveness in your heart)

And to add to this, over a beery conversation last Friday (me, not her) with a dear friend, she told me: When you die, it’s irrelevant to argue over where to put the table, who is right, who’s wrong.

Someone asked me, are you afraid of dying? Of course everyone is afraid in one way or another. But my fear which is my biggest drive is this: “I do not wish to realise when I die, that I had not lived ”

Because, really, everything is irrelevant after you die.

Afraid of Selling?

A lot of people I know claimed to ‘hate’ selling. I hate selling, I don’t like to push people, I don’t want them to think I’m making $ from them (lol), I hate sales people…etc. I was one of them, and sometimes I still do fall into the trap of that warp thinking.
Question is: If you are in business, what business are you in if you are NOT selling??!! If you have a product of some sort, you need to sell. If you have a service, you need to sell. Even if you are online business, you need to sell. You may hire sales people to do the work for you, but at some point, as head of your Company, you need to sell.

When people ask you what you do and you introduce yourself- You are selling your ideas, your services, your product.

Question 2 is: Why are you afraid of promoting whatever is it that you are selling?

Just now, over a conversation with hubby, he mentioned a great statement to himself as he was about to go out, rescuing a deal today. I said: Pray for miracles. He corrected: Pray for a good conclusion, in line with that customer’s interest.

Just like that, and the whole perspective changed. The pressure is OFF. The whole focus is on that customer’s interest, not yours, not your bottom line, not your quota, not answering to your sales manager.

So, I added: Let your conscience be your guide. If whatever you are doing/selling is in line with your customer’s interest- by all means, sell like you never sell before, sell the whole vision to him. Persuade him to see the view you are seeing. Use all your selling skills to get him to see the solution to HIS problems. THE solution.

But, if deep down, you don’t buy the idea 100% yourself, don’t force it down to people just because…don’t use your selling skills to distort the truth.

When the pressure is off, the fun begins, and real bottom line will follow. Not the other way around.

How does a self-made millionaire think?

Sometimes, the journey of entrepreneurship is lonely, ya know. It’s you & the world, and you don’t get to bitch with co-workers how the boss sucks, and everything sucks. (Coz the boss is me, ahahahahah)

This is on my notice board right in front of me. Sort of like my bible whenever I got lost.

1.Dream big

2.Do what you love to do

3.Commit to excellence- be the top 10% in your biz

4.Develop unique ability

5.Accept responsibility

6.Develop a clear sense of direction

7.Refuse to consider possibility of failure

8.Solutions oriented

9.Develop workaholic mentality-work very hard at the beginning of your biz

10.Get around the right positive people

11.Be prepared to go from peak to peak

12.Develop resilience and bounce back-how long does it take for you to get back to normal? (Mel’s note: That’s me NOW)

13.Focus questions- ask yourself brutal questions

14.Become unshakable optimist-think/talk abt your goals all the time. Look 4 the good in evry situation

15.Dedicate yourself to serving others

16.Develop reputation for speed & dependability-which activity contributes the most to your biz?

17.Be very honest with yourself- what’s the situation honestly? Don’t self disillusion

18.Concentrate single-minded-ly one at a time

19.Be decisive

20.Backed everything you do with courage & persistence

21.Self-disipline – take time to plan, then decide & ACTION!

Courtesy of Brian Tracy (I think I got these gold nuggets from his seminar)

Happy VS Unhappy

Boy oh boy, am I in a foul, foul mood today. No, not today, this whole freaking week. Yeah, goes to show you people, Mel is NOT always motivational ok. That said, I do have tricks & tactics up my sleeve to pick myself up when stinking mood hits (NO, I’m not talking about beer today, though normally it helps a goddamn lot)
I found this note I’ve taken a year back. Few pointers I heard over a seminar & resonate with (to? Bah, my lousy grammar), and typed it out. These kind of things are always always good for emergency use. Good timing to use them now when I’m in my woe-is-me, helpless, overwhelmed mood (Though I still think beer will still help a lot…..GAH!! MEL!!)

I hope it will help you as much as it had (and still have) helped me.

You always have a CHOICE

Next, oooh, brutal questions…time for a self review? Click here for self review questions.

Self review aka brutal questions to ask yourself

Why do I say it’s brutal? Question # 1 below- the very fact that should you need to rock YOUR boat, and out of the musty comfort zone, sends shivers down one’s spine, doesn’t it?
I’ve asked myself this question last year, questions about me, my life, my goals, my business. Yep, truth hurts, but nothing hurts more than living a self denial life.

Have fun answering to yourself (for once)!  😛

•If I have all the $ in the world, what biz/career will I choose?

•What was responsible for the success in my life till now? What’s the commonality?

What do you want to be in 5 years?
•What kind of income? What is your perfect biz?

•What is your perfect lifestyle? Family, health, financial independence- how much cash in bank? Passive income? $/month x 240

My 10 goals•Timeline, how? 20 answers

Delicate act of pricing vs costing

I am still buried deep with numbers, cost of goods, expenses…etc. And weighing that with pricing of our services.
Just completed, like what…10th round of Excel. Also, managed to work out more savings on costs, and I’m delighted to be able to transfer this savings to my customers.

The offer looks SO GOOD that I myself be darn interested to buy, what a fab value!! And this is coming from a very kiam siap/ frugal person, me.

However, funny as it may sounds, I can’t help but wonder, what if I miscalculated?!! Where is the line between making a salivating offer vs making my Company broke?