Have a dream that needs funding?

During an orientation for Pre Seed recipients recently, I was very surprised to find out that only 271 companies were successfully awarded the Mdec Pre seed Technoprenuer fund since 2006!

Mdec pre seed statistic

Even more surprising, only 1287 applications were received over last 3 years. (about 20% success rate)

Hmm…which makes me wonder, what is the situation here? Is it because there IS really so few people that want to be entreprenuers? Or is it because the publicity of this fund can be improved?

Eitherway, I am doing my bit part to promote this opportunity for budding entreprenuers (tech related) to find out how you can go about having the government funding your dreams! How about that?

If you are up for the challenge, batch 20 is open now, you can find more information here.

Just want to share my experience, the support I received so far from Mdec is great, we are constantly kept updated of what’s happening on the industry, and I was also thrilled that they sponsored courses & seminars to help us in our journey. Courses that I will normally sign up myself and pay. I just attended a 2 days workshop CEO Powercamp which was conducted by Change Universtiy by 2 passionate coaches- Robert & Brenda. Their previous clients includes top names like: Gap, Nestle HK, Japan Airline.

Currently, Mdec is organizing a Nationwide Programme Briefing- next one is on 4th August 2009. Admission is free. RSVP here.

If you think you have a great idea that is marketable, and most importantly, if you have what it takes to be an entreprenuer, go for it.

Good luck and all the best!

What business are You in?

One pleasant surprise after another – this should be the feeling that a customer have when dealing with you/organization.

aeroline_logoCase in point:

Myself- on board Aeroline Pg-KL this morning, as usual my choice transport. (I’m already a happy customer). But they didn’t rest on their laurels, and continue to keep me pleasantly amused today.

Shortly after the bus departed, the attendants came up and were scanning us with digital thermometer- preventive measure of H1N1…Totally unexpected, totally PROACTIVE.


Then, another attendant (sharply dressed in a well pressed black/white suit- I noticed the uniform changed from previous yellow & white) handed us our very own headset to enjoy our own selection of music at our seats- just like in the airplanes!


And that, are all on top of the other details which have won my heart and I’ve enjoyed previously:

  • Good, SANE driver
  • Punctuality
  • Nice waiting lounge
  • Comfy
  • Air con is not crazily cold like many Bus Express Ah Kow
  • NOT stop at Pudu
  • Blankets, oh so soft
  • Pillow, clean & huggable 🙂
  • Good online ordering system
  • Follow up survey sent to your email after your every trip

And they do all these for a very reasonable price RM55 Pg-KL….NO, it’s the VALUE I’m getting over the price.

For these, I’m a returning customer, and I’ll sing praises for them to everyone.

P/S: Just think of how damaging it will be  if the positive comments were negative?

P.P/S: I lurvvve being a returning customer to any establishment, services, I’m comfortable, I know what to expect for what I pay, and if the owners & workers are smart, I get to be treated a lil extra special for being a loyal customer.

Now any company that claims to want to be in business, but just dishes out bad service, lousy food, boring run of the mill feeling just makes me wonder? What on earth is their business if it’s not to solve  a customer problem, and solve it well??