13 months (and counting) of serving full-time in church

So it’s been 13 months since I took the painful yet exciting step of leaving my business, the comfort of doing things my way, making my own decision, the limitless financial potential of a business and stepping into church to serve full-time as their Communications Manager.
This is not going to be long post. In a lazy, fleeting here & there mood. But I can sum up my thoughts to this:

After the initial shock to my system (took me about 8 months or more), I am beginning to be aware of the tremendous privilege of being able to serve in my church.

I’m grateful that I get to put in practice what I learned from the Words.

I’m grateful that I can make mistakes, and there’s more grace from people in forgiving my mistakes in comparison to most corporate companies.

I’m completely in awe every time I see His hands in my work.

I’m absolutely humbled when I see people serving Him sacrificially.

I’m filled with joy of being able to work with the best people I’ve ever met. They ‘taught’ me to be a better me to others too.

I’m blessed to be able to ‘do church’ every single day.

The road ahead with my role in this church is long(er than I expected!). But I.WILL.learn.to.rest.in.Him. and ask.for.His.wisdom. and always, always get.down.on.my.knees.to.pray.

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